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About Us
Our guild is currently casual, as some of our core members are still making their way to level 50. However, we plan on raiding in the future and already have a sense as to what type of schedule we will be using. For more information on our raiding schedule, please visit our forums.

Role Playing
Although we are on an RP server, none of our members actually RP. This also coincides with the server as a whole; most of it's players do not RP.

Most of our members do not PvP, so we won't have scheduled events for this. However, a few of us don't mind doing the occasional Warfront.

Aside from raiding, our guild also likes to embrace what the game has to offer as a whole. We're always running tier 1 and 2 dungeons, as well as doing rifts, quests, and achievements. If you're new to the server, finding a group for PvE related activities won't be hard at all.

If all of the above interests you, then this guild is certainly for you. For more information on recruitment and applications, please visit our forums.

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